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(My Pet Memoir is a Division of A Gypsy Blue Moon)

Some incredible news guys! We here at Gypsy strongly believe in love and peace, as you all know,  and of course, giving back. 

One thing I hold dear to my heart now as I always have are animals and their protection. We recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and were blessed to find a Walk for Farm Animals and participated last year. We donated Gypsy product and were able to do some fundraising as well. 

This year, we were asked to participate in the Walk directly with them by hosting a Youth Activity as a way to incorporate the magickal with the love of animals for children. I wanted to share this with you as you may want to come by, participate with us or simply bless the event with your positive energy. 

We are beyond excited and simply cannot wait!! Thank you, dear Veronica, for asking me. My cup truly runeth over.


We’re happy to announce that the Youth Activities segment of the Phoenix Walk for Farm Animals will be led by fantastic volunteer Jennifer of A Gypsy Blue Moon. With Jennifer’s positive outlook and super creativity, we know that the Youth Activities will be an amazing part of the day! 

Friends, register to join us on Nov 1st for the family-friendly Walk:

Darnell the chick and Ditto the duck approve this message.

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