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I just found these photos waaay back in my phone. Sausage (white baby) was kept because my mojave wasn’t interested and saucy decided to cling on to my finger and hold on for dear life. So.. he became part of the family and still is to this day. I then went out and rescued Meatball from certain death.. and the first 3 photos are what happened when I introduced them. Meaty taught Saucy how to be a rat! He quickly learned how to eat and drink and they were pretty much inseparable. A few months past and I fell in love with a dumbo rat pictured on the far left in photo #3. He became part of the trio! Unfortunately Meaty died at just 6 months of age due to a sudden stroke. Sausage and Pepper were sad for a long time and things haven’t been right with them since. I think they still miss him even though it’s been a few years now. I am glad they have each other though. Rats are extremely intelligent, social and loving animals. I now have 6 handsome boys. <3 :)


Scottish wildlife photographer David Yarrow even escaped an up close meeting with a lioness on the prairie
Self-taught 47-year-old has produced almost 90 black and white pictures of wildlife in harsh landscapes
Among the images are two baby penguins helping each other climb an icy slope in Snow Hill, Antarctica
Also included in new book Encounter is a pair of polar bears confronting each other in Manitoba, Canada
All photos by David Yarrow…Article By ROBERT DEX via MailOnline read more…

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